About us

Mayumi International is a part of Boom Promotions P/L
With a base in Australia, Boom Promotions trade with in Australia, Europe and America.
Mayumi International is a subdivision of Boom Promotions specializing in the management of Japanese artists.

Boom Promotions P/L

Business Dealings

*Importing and exporting   *Market development  *Research and Planning

*Product Development   *Video Production  *Event Planning

*Artist Management (Mayumi International) 

Company President: Mayumi Nihei
Head Office: 13 Wallaroo Way, Ashmore 4214 QLD Australia
Phone: +61-7-5564 8082
Fax: +61-7-5564 8082 
http://www.mayumiinternational.com     e-mail: mayumi@mayumiinternational.com

Mayumi Nihei (Company President): Born in Tokyo, Japan. Graduated art school of film art in U.S.A. In 1981 opened "Mayumi Special Make-up & Effect Studio" in Tokyo.  Worked in the film industry more than 15 years. Having written a successful book about experience in the film industry U.S.A. and Japan. Mayumi is the first special make-up artist in Japanese film industry. In 1988 Mayumi moved to Australia, in 1991 founded Boom Promotions P/L.


Masahiko Takagi (Operations Manager...Mayumi International)
Masahiko has worked in the field of arts both as a publisher and editor and also as a gallery manager. Along with his current role in artist management. Masahiko has also worked as senior editor and reviewer in the field of arts publishing. He has interviewed numerous artists contributed to the production of number of CD and DVD project. From 2009, Masahiko started
of Japanese gay art.