An announcement regarding Hideki Koh


Boom promotions/Mayumi International is sorry to advise that due to a relapse of a pre-existing condition the upcoming Australian tour by celebrated artist Hideki Koh has been cancelled.

This will come as a true disappointment for the many collectors and fans of Mr Koh's works who were no doubt looking forward to meeting the artist on his tour of Australian with great anticipation. On behalf of the artist, our partner website Japanese Gay Art and ourselves, Boom Promotions/Mayumi International humbly apologies for this unfortunate turn of events.

Hideki Koh, who had also been anticipating his Australian tour, had planned to debut a large number of brand new works on his Australian trip and had spent a considerable amount of time organising his tour schedule. 

Although Mr Koh will not be in available, we are happy to announce our plans to release his brand new works online at