Takeshi Yamao Tour Solo Exhibition

Takeshi 1.jpg

You may be familiar with young artist Takeshi Yamao through the appearance of his artworks at a number of Australian art shows and exhibitions held by our company. His popularity has continued to grow across Australia and from 2011 Yamao has been making inroads into the French art scene where he has met wide acclaim.

Yamao is constantly working on new projects and we are happy to announce his next solo exhibition. Yamao's works will tour the east coast of Australia begging in Sydney in November 2013, and continuing on to Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Coast in 2014.
Details of the tour will be uploaded on our website very soon.

Takeshi 2.jpg
Acrylic paint on canvas  $450.00

Takeshi 3.jpg
Acrylic paint on canvas $450.00

Takeshi 4.jpg
Acrylic paint on canvas $450.00