"Japanese Pop Art Show" in Melbourne 2017

身外身 大.jpg

Collingwood Gallery  292 Smith St. Collingwood, VIC   

T: +61-3-9417 0690 www.collingwoodgallery.com.au

Date: 14-25 September 2017 

Open Hours: 12-5pm daily (expect Monday)

Opening Night: 15(Friday) September 6pm-8:30pm   

refreshment provided (Free)

Please join us for our opening night !  Everyone welcome


More than 70 art works will be exhibited. This exhibition will include a mixture of popmodern works and explore the artistic scene in Japan as a cultural superpower crossing a number of mediums and themes from fine art to illustration and Pop Art to Modernism and beyond. This exhibition showcases the very best of contemporary Japanese art today.


Takaaki Mano, Seri Hano, Shiroki, Tomoyuki Okamoto, Kenji, miki, Shigeru Eguchi,Satoru Yamamoto, Kiyo, Akane Asano, Daigo Muramatsu, Mikiko Omori, Kou,Tetsuji Shirakawa, Keiko Takemasa, sachichoco, HAPPY, Zen Zerozaki, Rune

More information coming soon !