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    Shiroki works as both a calligrapher and a painter. She began working in Denmark a number of years ago. Since her first exhibition at the Japanese Embassy of Denmark, Shiroki has continued to show her work in such exalted spaces as the National Gallery. This year, she was the first Japanese national to exhibit at the annual Cooenhagen Artist's Fair. She was met with great enthusiasm from patrons, even receiving a visit from the Danish Vice Prime Minister, who has previously taken lessons with the artist.
  • Kawaii Girls Art & Pussy Portraits

    Part of Sydney Fringe Festival 2012
  • About us

    Mayumi International is a part of Boom Promotions P/L
    With a base in Australia, Boom Promotions trade with in Australia, Europe and America.
    Mayumi International is a subdivision of Boom Promotions specializing in the management of Japanese artists.
  • Me and Art Gallery. POP Japan

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  • Part of Sydney Fringe 2012.
    TAP Gallery (278 Palmer St, Darlinghurst. Tel: 02-9361 0440 ) www.tapgallery.org.au
    11-22 Sep 12pm-6pm

    Opening Night : 11 Sep (Tue) 6pm-8pm
    All Welcome Refreshments provided

    Mayumi International is excited to present pop Japan ! This exhibition brings together art works
    by a number of established Japanese artist. More than 60 art works will be exhibited.
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    Venue: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton VIC Australia
    Stand No: E8  Mayumi International
    Date: 24-27 May 2012
    More than 70 art works will be exhibited. A vibrant mixture of modern and pop works from Japanese artists.



    Hideki Koh

    DSC_9273.jpgのサムネール画像 Chizuko Demachi

    kohei01.jpg Kou

    aj.jpg Akane Asano

    CIMG0467.jpg Tomoyuki Okamoto

    DSCF1857.jpg Kazumi Sato

    Namiki_sheep_1.jpg Namiki

    miyao-1.jpg Mahoko Miyao

    livetogether.jpg Seri

    Evergreen 1 72dpi.jpg Kouichi Mine

    Echoes in the Room.jpg Reiko Sasa

    PR画像.jpg Tetsuji Shirakawa

    猫の絵.jpg Kyoshun Sakino

    T_attitude.jpg Naoki Tatsuya

    image.jpgのサムネール画像 Ayu Nakata

  • 大正浮世絵巻「赤い糸」.jpg

    Venue:Me & Art Gallery
    ( 62 Mary St. Surry Hills. NSW
    Ph 0411-811-404
    Date: 22 Feb-2 March
    Opening night 6:00-8:00pm (22 Feb.)
    (All Welcome, refleshments Provided.)

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    Présentées pour la première fois en France, des œuvres de 14 peintres et illustrateurs faisant carrière au Japon. Le pop art japonais contemporain présenté sous différents thèmes. Également en parallèle, une exposition d'art gai moderne du Japon. Une occasion idéale de découvrir la scène artistique japonaise d'aujourd'hui.

    Art Collection 2011 in Paris




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